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President’s Corner

Randall Courtney
Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce President 2020-2021

Happy Summer!!

Everyone always says hindsight is 2020! Thank God that year is over!! Like you, I am thankful we can go to dinner and not eat in a parking lot, although Santa Fe Springs has the best parking lots to eat on in the state! But air conditioning is nice, also. We are thankful that the theme parks are open! You can even go to the market without a mask!

I am thankful we will now be able to get together for the fun Chamber functions, and I am honored to have the privilege to serve as the President of the Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce.

I am looking forward to working with my executive board:
Immediate Past President and President elect, and our new Youth Enrichment Fund President, Daniel O’Marah - Starbucks
VP of Public Affairs, Bruce Lazenby - Rose Hills Memorial Park
VP of Member Services, Carlos Gallardo - Farmers & Merchants Bank
VP of the Youth Enrichment Fund, Wendy Meador-Kunert - Tangram Interiors
Treasurer, Liz Buckingham - Friendly Hills Bank
Their amazing abilities will certainly be an asset during my term.

I wish to express my gratitude for the hard work of the Chamber CEO, Kathie Fink, and staff, Sue Grana and Maricela Castellanos. I do not believe I would be in this position today without Kathie’s leadership and her hard work, both in front of and behind the scenes, to make every effort to serve the community so well.

The partnership between the city leadership and the Chamber is an amazing joint venture! So special thanks to:
Mayor, John Mora
Mayor Pro Tem, Annette Rodriguez
City Council members, City Manager Ray Cruz, and all of those who have worked to manage the city so well and maintain a business-friendly environment.

We all look forward to getting back to business as usual and getting together in person with the businesses in the city!

If you want to get involved, here are some ideas for you: The Chamber offers so many networking opportunities that help promote businesses, such as the monthly Business Card Exchange and Networking @ Noon. If you are interested in government affairs, RCA Legislative Forum is a collaboration of five Chambers, and they discuss the legislative bills that affect your bottom dollar. There are so many benefits offered, so call the Chamber to learn the right approach for your company. I encourage everyone to get involved. It is the way to help build on the foundation created by our predecessors, promote business, and create an advantage for the youth in Santa Fe Springs.

As the 2021-2022 Chamber President, I want to encourage everyone to work exclusively with other business in the Chamber and in the City of Santa Fe Springs. We want the city to provide services for its businesses and residents. By shopping in the City of Santa Fe Springs, that will support the local businesses and create those sales tax dollars, and in turn those sales tax dollars will go back to the City of Santa Fe Springs and go to those services that we all want and need. By working together, we can create a synergy that will help us all as we live, work, and shop in this great community.

In closing, I am excited to be your Chamber President. Thank you for this opportunity.

Randall Courtney