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The Santa Fe Springs mentor program began as part of Santa Fe High School's Business Academy. The goal of the program is to provide students close, personal contact with leaders of the business community. Through these one-on-one relationships, students learn the importance of education and experience a supportive environment. With the involvement of the Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce, participation has significantly increased each year to a total of 70 mentors and 70 mentees.

As part of the mentoring program, business professionals donate as little as one day a month toward the development of a Santa Fe High School junior. The role of the mentor is definable by the participant. Regardless of the level of participation, every mentor must be:

  • A professional/social role model
  • A resource from which to draw insight
  • A contact who is knowledgeable about business occupations

Mentor responsibilities are very few in number. Participants are certainly encouraged to exceed these basic requirements, which are only the guidelines for a successful relationship. Responsibilities include:

  • Attendance at an orientation meeting designed to acclimate new
    mentors to the program
  • Participation with the student in a minimum of eight activities per school year coordinated by the Santa Fe Springs Chamber
  • Encouragement of the student to continue their education in order to meet career goals
  • Background Check

The most impressive aspect of the mentoring program, aside from its success with guiding youth, is that it is presented to the student at no cost. Through the help of the Santa Fe Springs Chamber/League Youth Enrichment Fund, business leaders donate their time to the program and the Chamber of Commerce absorbs costs associated with administration, as well as formal events such as:

  • Orientations
  • Receptions
  • Job Shadow Day
  • Holiday Program
  • Court Visit
  • College Visit
  • End of Program Picnic
  • Business Breakfast

If you have an interest in becoming a mentor, please call the Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce at (562) 944-1616 or e-mail the Youth Program Coordinator.