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HTS Environmental Services

Since 1995, our mission has been to make HTS the premier environmental services company by providing unsurpassed service on every assignment.
HTS is the premier full-service hazardous waste transportation company based in Southern California for over 22 years. Owned by Ron Leahy and Nola McGuire-Leahy, and staffed by talented and dedicated service-oriented professionals, HTS retains its employees in a respect-driven atmosphere with excellent training and competitive salaries and benefits. This ensures that we have a qualified workforce to best serve our customers with all of our waste disposal and commercial waste services.
HTS’ service-oriented team listens to our customer’s needs, which enables us to provide the best options for their waste support situation. From Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses, HTS is proud to serve each of our customers as individuals with personalized programs in an honest, approachable manner. We offer transportation to a variety of sites that offer recycling, incineration, and other approved disposal methods. Our field service team will help with packaging and keep your company looking good, and our drivers are employed by us , meaning that HTS has direct control over the quality of service you receive.
Our corporate culture is committed to safety, sustainability, and self-improvement. We will continue to learn & grow every day to serve our customers and communities the best way that we can. In partnership with generators, disposal sites, and governmental entities, HTS is steadfast in its commitment to safety and environment