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4 Paws Coffee Co

4 Paws Coffee Co. offers Premium Coffee, with out the ”stuffiness” of most boutique coffee cafe’s. Great coffee is closer than you think.
We spent a tremendous amount of time choosing the right kind of coffee that’s not too dark or light but just right. We proudly serve Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Dark Roast Espresso. So we invite you to come in order some amazing coffee order some treats and sit back and relax.


One of our purposes in opening 4 Paws Coffee was to be able to bring great coffee, food and connections to the community and to also give back.

Give back to the local animal shelters. So remember your purchase helps to contribute to the animal community

Fast Casual, cafe espresso house: breakfast, lunch, coffee espresso, lattes, americanos, cold brew, salads, smoothies, hot and iced teas, blended coffee and cream drinks, lemonades, pastries & snacks