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Mentor Holiday Luncheon & Charitable Outreach – 2021

Mentor Holiday Luncheon

Mentors and Students gather for a festive Holiday Luncheon at Town Center Hall.  Students and Mentors will participate in a service project then enjoy a lunch together. 

In addition to sharing in a service project, the luncheon will provide a venue for students to learn how to act in a social-business setting which involves eating.  We ask that the mentor help guide them with table manners (which silverware to use, putting napkins in their laps, waiting until everyone at the table is served) and buffet line etiquette. 
The SFS Chamber/League Youth Enrichment Fund will be giving each student a small gift so additional gifts are not necessary.  To avoid any confusion, we are asking Mentors and students not to bring gifts to the luncheon. 

This event is limited to Mentors and Students in the Mentoring Program.