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Mentor Career/Life Skills Day CANCELLED

This event is for the mentors and students involved in our mentoring program.  Mentors will meet with students at Santa Fe High School to participate in "A Bite of Reality".

With the help of their mentors, students get a taste of real world financial challenges in a fun and interactive setting.  Each student will receive a fictional occupation, salary, spouse, children, student loan, credit card debit and medical insurance payments.  The students will then visit various merchant tables to "purchase" housing, food, transportation, clothing, day care, and other necessities from persuasive mentors.  Learn the importance of savings money and learning how to live within your means.

Special thanks to American First Credit Union for sponsoring this event.

Please contact Sue Grana at the Ceveloping hamber Office for more information.

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled because the facilitator had a medical emergency.  We will reschedule this event at a later time.