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Trojan Battery Co.

Phillips Industries, Inc.

Phillips Industries is celebrating its 90th anniversary as a leading supplier and manufacturer of parts for the trucking industry. The company was built on a signal arm when a patent was awarded to Phillips founder Hugh Phillips in 1928. The company began manufacturing the reflective signal arm two years later, and this single product became…

Bumble Bee Foods LLC

Advanced Ground Systems Engineering, LLC

Design & Manufacture of ground support equipment

Jarrow Industries, Inc.

Jarrow Industries is eager to bring your concept to reality through our turn key product services. Our high speed, high accuracy and reliable manufacturing machines will output your products in powder, tablets (various shapes, chewable, sublingual, bi-layer, etc.) and capsules dosage forms. Additionally, our multiple, fully automated packaging lines will be available for your bottling,…

Otafuku Foods, Inc.

In 1998, Otafuku Sauce Co. expanded to the United States and set up their North American branch, Otafuku Foods, in Torrance, CA. The subsidiary operated in South Bay for 15 years before moving to Santa Fe Springs, CA., to establish a location with a factory and a warehouse as well as an office. Today Otafuku…

Cytec Process Materials (CA) Inc.

Full Service Supplier of vac-pak vacuum processing materials for the aerospace, composite, and metal bonding industries

Romero’s Food Products, Inc.

Romero’s Food Products offers a complete line of fresh and flavorful traditional Mexican style tortillas, wraps, chips.

Westmont Industries

Conveyor Service & Electric

Conveyor Service & Electric manufactures, installs, maintains and repairs a wide array of specialty conveyor systems, including gravity, line shaft, slider/roller bed, and chain/belt drive life roller