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  • Youth Enrichment Fund

  • Scholarships

  • The generosity of Chamber members, the business community and residents help raise funds for the Youth Enrichment Fund Destiny Scholarship and other youth programs.  Should you wish to make a donation, please call the Santa Fe Springs Chamber at (562) 944-1616 or send e-mail.

    Destiny Scholarship
    An annual college scholarship, up to $20,000, is awarded to an exceptional Santa Fe Springs graduating senior. 

    The mission of the Destiny Scholarship is to provide an opportunity to change a student's direction in life, or their 'destiny'.

    The Scholarship Committee is comprised of the Youth Enrichment Fund Board of Directors and Chamber members interested in the youth of Santa Fe Springs.  If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship Committee, please call the Santa Fe Springs Chamber at 562/944-1616 or send e-mail.   

    The Powell Grant
    The grant was established in honor of long-time City Manager Donald Powell. The $2,500 annual grant recognizes an individual's talent and interest in a career in the arts, including but not limited to students studying music, drawing, writing, drama and graphic arts. The annual award is presented to a select Santa Fe Springs high school senior or resident currently attending college, art academy or trade school.


    2016 Lexi Cid

    2015 Briana Castellanos
    2014  Felipe Rangel
    2013  Jordan King
    2012  Paul Galvan 
    2011  Frankie Aguayo
    2011  Jeanneth Guerrero
    2010  Karina Franco
    2009  Bernadette Gomez
    2008  Megan O’Connell
    2007  Sara Cardenas
    2007  Victor Layton
    2007  Krystal Uribe
    2006  Clement Gosch
    2005  Michelle Juarez
    2004  Richard Benavente
    2003  Jennifer Fernandez
    2002  Jasmine Ra
    2000  Melissa Hansen
    1999  Kim Karnsrithong
    1998  Happy Mendoza
    1997  John Rock
    1996  Jorge Guerrero


    2016 Emily Rodriguez & Liana Perry

    2015 Xochitl Ramirez
    2015 Jasmine Rodriguez
    2014 MaryAnn Talino
    2013 Abel Saldana
    2013 MaryAnn Talino
    2012 MaryAnn Talino
    2011 MaryAnn Talino
    2011 Javier Meabe
    2010 Sarah Landauer
    2009 Grace Olguin
    2008 Richard Cardenas
    2007 Phillip Glenn
    2006 Phillip Glenn
    2005 Philip Glenn
    2004 Jennifer Carle
    2003 Frances Giles
    2002 Frances Giles
    2001 Gabriel Canez
    2000 Karla Manzanarez