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  • Guiding Principles

  • Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce Guiding Principles

    The Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to supporting business expansion and retention within the city of Santa Fe Springs.   This includes all aspects of assisting businesses in their successful growth, development and expansion by encouraging the development of comprehensive infrastructure systems that are conducive to business growth, supporting a local government culture that is focused on aiding, as opposed to regulating, local businesses and the development of a qualified work force and sufficient residential housing to meet the employment needs of member businesses.  We also actively oppose legislative measures at the State and Federal level that would negatively impact or impede the success and viability of our member businesses and support legislation that fosters business expansion and the economic growth of Santa Fe Springs.

    §  Support fiscal reform at the state and local level to provide a more reliable, long-term source of funding for local services.

    §  Support a regulatory climate that enables businesses to succeed and comply with regulatory requirements while balancing environmental and consumer needs.

    §  Support development and maintenance of infrastructure systems that encourage economic development.

    §  Support development projects, which provide for a stable and reliable workforce and customer base for Santa Fe Springs businesses.

    §  Support technical assistance and access to capital for small businesses.

    §  Support economic development programs within educational institutions and other community based organizations to produce a more qualified workforce.

    §  Support public policies that closely link taxes, fees and assessments to the services provided.

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